Lake Bohinj

Lake Bohinj is the largest Slovenian permanent natural lake. The largest stream that flows into it is the Savica, the outflow at the eastern end is the Jezernica creek which merges with the Mostnica to form the Sava Bohinjka. More than a third of the water flows into the lake through the karst springs from the lake bottom along the northern shore, however, according to locals, there is not more than a bucketful of water if the bucket is large enough. In fact, this 45m deep glacial bowl contains almost 100 million cubic metres of water. With temperatures reaching 22°C in the summer, it is a paradise for swimmers, and when the winter is cold enough you can also ice skate on its surface. If you want a little more exercise, you can take a walk on the path around the lake totalling almost 11.5km.