Vogar view point (1054)

A popular hiking point due to its magnificent views and a alpine hut.

Vogar is the peak ridge which stands farthest east above the northern shore of Lake Bohinj with two beautiful viewpoints. It is also a paragliding take-off point.

From Stara Fužina following a steep market trail (about an hour and a half hike to reach the hiking cottage and an hour for descending). You can leave your car on the parking lot Vorančkova in Stara Fužina (there’s a parking fee from April to October). It can also be reached by car, following the road to Vogar and Blato mountain pasture (10 km driving, road toll payment). There’s a 20-minute hike from the parking lot in Vogar to the final viewpoint.


  • Altitude at the top: 1054 m at the cottage Kosijev dom at Vogar
  • A 500 meter difference in altitude
  • Due to its steepness we recommend proper hiking footwear be used
  • Attractive as an independent excursion point as well as a starting point for longer hikes in the area
  • The hiking cottage offers a stamp and a visitors’ book
  • Dolenc homestead offers homemade meals or even accommodation in its hay barn
  • A popular paragliding take-off point


At Vogar, you can treat yourself to a wonderful view of Bohinj from two different viewpoints. The first one can be reached following the footpath from Stara Fužina (if the winds are suitable, you are bound to run into a paraglider or two on the way). From here on it will take you approximately 10 minutes to reach the hiking cottage. The first viewpoint offers views of Pokljuka, Bohinj Valley with Lake Bohinj and magnificent ridges of the Spodnje Bohinjske Gore.

The second viewpoint can be reached by heading east past the hiking cottage, following a beaten path leading to the cliff, where a view of Spodnje Bohinjske Gore, especially from Vogel to Komna, and a view of Lake Bohinj and Ukanc opens up.


  • Vogar mountain pasture is part of the Fužine mountain pastures
  • Natural landmarks: hummocky grasslands, abyss at Gamsova glavica, Vodice (a waterfall in Drto)
  • Cultural landmarks: well-preserved architectural heritage, a monument to the fallen mountaineering railway workers at the first viewpoint